Horizontal Sky

Horizontal Sky Part II: Day and night

You can see the planets together with the sun during the day. This is to show where the plantes are relative to the sun.
Of course in real life you can only see the sun and moon during the day.

If you look at the data screen you can see this:

Yellow means the planet or sun is above horizon, grey indicates below horizon.

The altitude shows you exactly how many degrees the planet/sun/moon is above horizon.
90 degrees would be on top of you (zenith) and 0 degreens is the horizon.

The Azimuth shows you the direction:

Preferences set to North = 0, South = 180:

  0   North
 45   Northeast
 90   East
145   Southeast
180   South
225   Southwest 
270   West	
315   Northwest
360   North

Preferences set to North = 180, South = 0:

  0   South
 45   Southwest 
 90   West	
135   Northwest
180   North
225   Northeast
270   East
315   Southeast
360   South

During sunset, the blue gets darker:

Is the sun about 6 degrees below horizon, the stars apear on the screen:

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