1. Registration

Immediatly after you submit the form, you will receive an email from "Asynx Planetarium". Some email providers like @yahoo.com, @gmail.com and @hotmail.com may mark your confirmation email wrongly as spam and you won't see it in your regular inbox. Check your spam folder if you don't see it.

We don't answer email sender verification emails from providers like @earthlink.com. If you don't receive your email within 15 minutes, please try to register again with a different email account.

Open your email and and click the provided confirmation link. After that you can go to the Asynx Planetarium Location Editor at http://www.asynx-planetarium.com/edit-my-locations or just click the 'Location Search' button above.

Enter your provided email address and password. Then click the login button.

If your login data is correct and you confirmed the email link, you should see something like this:

Enter the city name to the search field, then click the 'Search City' button.

Out of all 4.5Million cities in the database, we found 3 matches. Choose the one you were looking for.

Now you can add up to 20 cities.

Once you added the city where you currently live, please mark it in the list and then click the 'Mark 'city' as MY CITY' button.

This feature will be used in future Asynx Planetarium versions and in applications on the website.
A * apears in front of the city name as a marker.

Once you have all the cities in your list, click the button to close the session.
Your login information is already filled in when you open the website the next time. You can add and remove cities as you wish in the future.

Now your cities are stored in our database, to download it, open your Asynx Planetarium program and select the horizontal view.

First click the <...> button next to the city lits, then the "Download/Sync. Locations" button. The program will ask you for your confirmed email and password the first time.

Enter your login information here too. It will be saved and next time you wont be asked for it anymore.

Then Asynx Planetarium is downloading your personal list. By clicking the city you see the coordiante details and time zone etc.

And finally your cities are available to be chosen, to see the sky from different cities.

Have fun !

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